Coastal Paging Services
P.O. Box 202, Belfast, ME 04915
Our local hospitals, ambulance crews, emergency
management teams, and municipal police and fire
departments  all rely on Coastal Paging Services equipment.
Pager signals are up too 100 times more powerful than cell
phones! If  you require messaging reliability, pagers are the
way to go. We can dispatch messages to Coastal Paging
Services pagers at more than 100 watts of power whereas
cell phones are limited by the F.C.C. to operate at no more
than 1/2 a watt. Doctors, police departments, school
departments and expectant couples all carry our pagers due
to their enhanced reliability.

If you carry both a pager and a cell phone, we can send the
paging message to both devices!
Pagers are Reliable And Less Expensive!
Why Do Mainers Still Use Pagers?
Coastal Paging Services  (207)-701-6038
Whether yours is a small business seeking to keep costs down, or you run a large
institution where reliable immediate communications are an absolute necessity,
announce that the paging industry has changed a great deal in recent years, and
we have kept abreast of those changes.

We still offer basic numeric paging, but also can offer new services which allow ANY
web linked computer to bring up a personalized paging interface with all your
personalized paging groups and contact lists immediately available for "one click"
notification! Want to dispatch to both pagers AND cell phones? We can do it! Have
a SCADA monitoring device that you would like to notify your technicians' pagers?

Should a true emergency occur in Mid Coast Maine, one of the first things to occur
will be the loss of cellular communications as the cellular infrastructure becomes
swamped with call volume. Coastal Paging Services has long provided local
emergency management personnel, police, fire departments with reliable and
inexpensive backup communications